Vegas Part Deux

So I guess I better tell you a little bit about what we did in Vegas, that is kind of the point about blogging about a trip, isn’t it? So Monday, we relaxed, had a late lunch, walked around the casino, gambled a bit and then it was time for our group dinner.

For dinner, we headed over to the Steakhouse at Circus Circus. The Circus Circus is a dive, but the Steakhouse is fantastic and they cater to groups quite well. We have been there as a group a number of times, and we are never disappointed.

Tuesday was our planned out day. First it was off to Bally’s (right next door the Paris) for the year end meeting. The meeting room was really nice:



After the meeting (which is optional for spouses, but I always like to go), it was over the Mirage for lunch and our annual poker tournament. The poker tournament went well as always, although emotions do run high for some of us, and I came in third! Woo hoo! We had lunch at Cravings, which is the buffet restaurant at the Mirage, and this year it was fabulous! I’m not sure what’s changed, but there seemed to be more choices than yesterday, and everything I took (2 huge platefuls) was delicious! The poker tournament is just a fun, bonding activity, and instead of cash prizes, everyone gets a shop card to Chinook Centre (a big mall in Calgary). The amount of the shop card varies depending on how long you last, so John came in 16th and got a $100 card, I came in third and got $300. After the poker tournament we gambled a bit more, and then headed back to our hotel room for room service and the Olympics.

On Wednesday, John went for his team building exercise with all the managers. Spouses aren’t invited to that one, so I decided to do a little shopping. I ended up at the Miracle Mile shops in Planet Hollywood and found some great things for my step-nephew (his birthday is coming up and I wanted to spoil him a bit this year). Then I went back to the hotel room and dreamed (read: went on Pinterest) about all the things I am going to sew! Seriously I am going through withdrawals – I’ve been sewing like a madwomen everyday!

John got back around 5pm and before we knew it, it was time for dinner. We had dinner at Mon Ami Gabi and it was fantastic as always. John had the steak and frites, and I had the fish and frites. I definitely recommend this place if you are looking for a good meal with a great view. We sat inside but right by the window, so we had a nice view:


Looks like we were outside, doesn’t it?

After dinner we headed to the Planet Hollywood for Starbucks and a little Wheel of Fortune. Unfortunately we didn’t really make any money, but we had fun playing. We were just killing time before the group show anyway.


And what was the group show, you might ask?


Britney Spears!! I know right?!? I’m going to be completely honest with you, it wasn’t that great. My expectations were pretty low as I don’t really think Britney is the most talented person out there, she can’t really sing without an auto-tuner and her dance moves always seem a bit lacking, but if Vegas has faith in her, then so should I right?



Well…maybe not. A lot of the time she seemed tired, and her dance moves seemed forced, but she had her moments. There was a lot of sexy walking and hair flipping (is her hair even real?) and I am pretty sure she lip-synced every word. I bet if we had been closer, we might have seen her forget to lip-sync a few times, at least that’s what I’ve heard.



Anyway, the music was really good and I was reminded of all the Britney songs out there that I know. I forgot how many hits she has and most of them are catchy enough to get stuck in your head. If you do go to Vegas and you’re looking to see a show, I would probably choose something else, like Celine Dion, or a Cirque Du Soleil, you’d probably be happier. But if you have money to spare and like Britney, it was fun and the people watching was amazing!

After the show, we played a few more slots and then it was off to bed.

This morning we lounged around, watched the Women’s hockey on TV (Go Canada!), had a lovely room service breakfast, packed up and checked out. Our flight left around 2:20pm (it was a bit late) and we arrived home  just in time to pick up the pugs! All in all it was a short and sweet trip, and I am happy to be home!

How has your week been so far? Have you ever been to a concert and been disappointed?

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    Sounds like a nice little trip